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Suzhou Su Fulin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Su Fulin precision machinery co., LTD is located in the beautiful scenery of suzhou dongshan. People gather together, convenient transportation.
Founded in 2012, the company mainly processes all kinds of precision mechanical parts, precision sheet metal structural parts and provides all kinds of industrial automation integrated services for customers in semiconductor, communication equipment, automobile, electronic and electrical, medical instruments, optical instruments, mechanical equipment and other industries.

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Deep technical precipitation
The company mainly processes various types of precision mechanical parts for customers in the semiconductor, aerospace, communication equipment, automotive, electronic and electrical, medical equipment, optical instruments, mechanical equipment and other industries
Professional R&D team
With a strong technical team, after several years of accumulation and development, the company has a certain market competitiveness, and the company has cultivated a group of reliable technical talents.
High-quality after-sales service
We already have a professional after-sales service department to provide customers with good product solutions, reduce costs for customers, and improve competitiveness.
Reliable product quality
The company has passed ISO9001; 2008, TS-16949 quality management system certification, has relevant professional quality management talents, and has formed a complete and effective quality control system
Machine tool equipment
Machine tool equipment
Machine tool equipment
Machine tool equipment
Machine tool equipment
Machine tool equipment
Address: Building 3, District 2,Fumin Industrial
Park, No. 2-1, Fenghuangshan Road,
Wuzhongdongshan, Suzhou
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